rebranding OlviPet
Rebranded a line of healthy dog treats made of premium extra virgin olive oil with a combination of nutrient-rich ingredients. Originally sold in international markets but rebranded to sell in the US. Designed the packaging and collateral pieces for distribution at trade shows, buyer meetings, online product launches and social media.
rebranding SmartyKat
SmartyKat has been the leading brand in cat products for over 10 years and needed a brand refresh. From the overlapping circles similar to a Venn diagram, it was reimagined with more vibrant colors and shapes like a kaleidoscope. This simple update gave elements of the brand more dimension and colorful energy that grabs consumer’s attention in store aisles. The kaleidoscope narrative, is about Worldwise's plethora of proprietary brands and how the company is continuously developing and innovating pet products for a variety of categories and major clients.​​​​​​​
package design
This project involved managing and designing for the SmartyKat brand. A brand refresh was applied to a range of packaging and collateral, giving it a fresh and modern look. The project also included photographing and compositing images to create aesthetically appealing visuals. Additionally, die lines were adjusted and created to ensure the packaging was perfectly tailored to the brand's needs. Prototypes were developed to showcase to potential buyers and customers. Finally, the project involved setting up files for final production, ensuring a seamless transition from design to the finished product.
brand identity
Designed a logo for online-exclusive cat and dog products, featuring a hand-drawn representation of Duke and Lola to personify their names and convey a sense of companionship. The font selection was based on its modern aesthetic, and the inclusion of a blue dot symbolizes the 'dot' in '.com,' highlighting its exclusive use for e-commerce.
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